About Us

Raised on a construction site by the manliest of men, my father and grandfather, I was conditioned at an early age to “stop whining”. This isn’t a unique narrative for men, and it is a narrative that commonly carries forward through adulthood. In the military, I “toughed it out”. On the construction yards, I “toughed it out”. The crew I worked alongside with were toughing out things they shouldn’t have to, like the discomfort of work wear. I believe that men internalizing their discomfort is the reason why work wear haven’t changed in 50 years. In fact, cargo pants were designed by factory workers in WWII and hasn’t changed since!


I built KALTgear Adaptive Work System to give men an outlet. By making work wear for working men designed by a working man, my mission was to make the most straining jobs a little bit easier. To let them “tough it out” for things that require real grit.


 KALTgear was designed with 30 years of construction and military experience in mind.

We’re taking a new approach to enhancing comfort and productivity.