TAC-Z Boots



The KALTgear TAC-Z boot coming August 1st

Pictures show pre-production model, some minor features will vary.

  • Picture shows boots without safety toe cap (steel toe)
  • Picture shows boots without company logo embossed on lip
  • Pictures shows boots without company logo and sizing imprint on sole


Introducing the KALTgear TAC-Z Boots – your ultimate boot for demanding work environments or rugged adventures!

  • Front Zipper Design: KALTgear’s innovative front zipper allows you to customize the fit. Tighten them up for a secure feel during intense activities, or unzip effortlessly when it’s time to kick back.
  • Premium Full Grain Leather: Crafted from high-quality full grain leather, these boots are built to withstand the toughest conditions.
  • Shock-Proof Anti-Slip Sole: The combination of PU and rubber ensures excellent traction on any surface, from rocky trails to slippery floors.
  • EVA Mesh Memory Foam Insole: Say goodbye to foot fatigue! The cushioned insole provides all-day comfort, whether you’re on your feet at work or exploring the great outdoors.
  • Steel Toe Safety Cap: Protect your toes from impact and compression hazards. These boots meet safety standards without compromising style.
  • 8-inch Height: These boots strike the perfect balance between ankle support and flexibility.

Get ready for durability, comfort, and style – all in one package! Whether you’re on duty, hiking rugged trails, or simply rocking a bold look, the KALTgear TAC-Z Boots have got you covered. Preorder yours today! 


US Size Inner measurement inches Inner measurement mm
5 10.00 in 245 mm
6 10.29 in 252 mm
7 10.57 in 259 mm
8 10.82 in 265 mm
9 11.10 in 272 mm
10 11.39 in 279 mm
11 11.63 in 285 mm
12 11.92 in 292 mm
13 12.20 in 299 mm
14 12.45 in 305 mm

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